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Woman sentenced to five months of knitting for road rage punch


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Jun 27, 2016
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A woman has been told she won’t have to go to jail for a road rage attack if she can prove she can knit.

Amanda McCabe followed victim Claire Smith before boxing her in then punching her in the face.

She claimed that she wasn’t chasing Ms Smith, they just happened to be going in the same direction and she stopped outside The Knitting Pin because she was a ‘keen knitter’.

McCabe told the court that she could knit a jumper in two days for £6 or £7.

Sheriff Rafferty told her that in order to avoid prison she must return to court on December 14 with ‘multiple knitted items’ that could be sold in a charity shop.

The court heard that Ms Smith and a friend were driving through Dundee when McCabe cut them up on a slip road. She made her feelings known and this angered McCabe.

Depute Fiscal John Adams said: ‘Unfortunately this led to the accused following Ms Smith for around five to ten minutes, from the Kingsway to Cardean Street.’

Ms Smith took a wrong turn and went into a car park. When she tried to do a U-turn McCabe pounced, opening the door and punching her in the face.


Jul 4, 2016
Is someone going to be watching to make sure she does all the knitting ?
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