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Jul 4, 2016
I still remember how in the beginning of first episode of The Henry Rollins Show, he used a phrase he - and most people who do - shouldn't have: "I'm not afraid to say it!"
Whenever any American or Finn or citizen of any first world country says that, my reaction is (pardon the language): No shit! Why the f*** would you be afraid? It's not like police will take you away to be tortured until you confess a treason or something, or some less open authorities drag you from bed and you're never heard of again. There's certain number of people in the world who have reason to use that phrase, but you're not one of them.

(I generally liked Rollins, that was just a really stupid thing to say.)

Another all-time least favorite choice of words I remember was when a Finnish gay TV personality/politician was arguing on TV with a christian politician and he - more than once - said "she violates his human rights" by saying she is against gay marriage. (To be fair, this doesn't translate exactly as in Finnish "violates" is same word as "insults"; however in this context this is really the only way to interpret it.)
It was another really stupid choice of words, certainly didn't help his cause and was a huge insult to all the millions of people in the world whose human rights are violated.
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