What’s the grossest restaurant you’ve been in?


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Jul 4, 2016
It was a Popeye's chicken.

I'd gone in to get an order to take home, and noticed that something wasn't quite right, but I ordered anyway, then stood at the end of the counter and just looked around.

I ended up walking out without lunch and calling the Department of Health on numerous observed violations including storing cases of chicken on the floor of the prep area, thawed chicken sitting in the open on a prep table the whole time I was there with flies walking around on it, overflowing trash cans in the prep area and dining room, and so on.

Later I found out that the inspector dropped by without notice the next day.

The restaurant failed its inspection, and was given a couple of days to get it right.

They failed the follow up as well, and spent a week or so closed while Popeye's found a new manager that would actually show up for work and make the employees do something besides chat on their phones.

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