U.S. fighters intercept Russian bombers


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Jul 4, 2016
North Carolina
Its' the Great Game, Jazzy; both the United States and Russia have played this game for decades. We fly our bomber aircraft up to and close to the 12-mile territorial line whereupon they're greeted by Russian interceptors; likewise, Russian bombers will fly up to the 12-mile territorial lines of either the United States (or our allies) and be greeted by Western interceptors in turn.

Its' a dangerous game but as long as I can remember, the only time where tragedy ensued was the KAL 007 shootdown in 1983 and that was because the civilian airliner, following the almost-exact-same route an American reconnaissance aircraft would normally take in that region of the Pacific, strayed into then-Soviet airspace and was shot down west of the Sakhalin Islands.
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