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Tiger found abandoned at vacant home in southeast Houston


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Jun 27, 2016
Police say someone who went to an abandoned home in southeast Houston to smoke marijuana, ended up discovering a tiger inside of it.

Hope they find whoever did this. Evil people who abandon animals like this.


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Jul 4, 2016
Central Florida
What sort of things do you see?
Have found dead bodies on well being checks when I used to work for apartments. Either from natural causes or suicide.

This one is hard to explain how bad it was but someone purposely bought several hundred dollars in meat and spread it across the home turned on the heat full blast and moved out of the home a month early. The smell you get and the thick wall of flying bugs is like something out of a horror movie! The home took months before anyone could live in it again.

A home where items were stacked to the ceiling and just enough room to walk along a trail from the front door to the kitchen to the couch. Serious horder they had to evict for health reasons.

Had another home that we found with crates and crates of cats, birds, guinea pigs and other various animals. The smell was so bad when animal control came they had to wear masks. They pulled out hundreds of dead and alive animals.
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