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Riddle This is a "WHO AM I" based on a Boyz II Men song I like. Pay attention to the clues!

The Last Outlaw

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Jul 14, 2018
"She came to me like a thief in the night,
And whispered in my ear.
She had my undivided attention.
She told everything I wanted to hear.
She said that she wanted to give me a gift,
And she would give to the rest of the world.
And no matter how many people would hear it,
She would always be my girl.

Sometimes she's smooth, sometimes she's rough,
And I love to see her Rock.
Sometimes she's a little Alternative,
But nowadays, she's more Hip-Hop.
No matter how you interpret her,
She's always at the top of the charts.
And if you look around and she can't be found,
You can always find her deep in your heart."
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