The Lovely Bones (2009)


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Jul 5, 2016
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Title: The Lovely Bones

Tagline: The story of a life and everything that came after...

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Director: Peter Jackson

Cast: Rachel Weisz, Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon, Saoirse Ronan, Stanley Tucci, Michael Imperioli, Rose McIver, Carolyn Dando, Christian Thomas Ashdale, Reece Ritchie, Nikki SooHoo, Jake Abel, AJ Michalka, Tom McCarthy, Stink Fisher, Andrew James Allen, Stefania LaVie Owen, Scott Evans

Release: 2009-12-26

Runtime: 136

Plot: After being brutally murdered, 14-year-old Susie Salmon watches from heaven over her grief-stricken family -- and her killer. As she observes their daily lives, she must balance her thirst for revenge with her desire for her family to heal.

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