Son of Lisa Marie Presley dead at 27


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Jul 4, 2016
On one hand, it's really sad. On another hand, it's really frustrating. Minus his depression or whatever he had going on. I don't think this kid had it as bad as other people have it.

For one, yeah, he wasn't thinking about his loved ones such as his mom or his other family members or his friends. I can't imagine how they feel. For two, he probably had a nice big bank account and sure money can't buy you happiness. But damn he was sitting on a fortune. For 3, he probably could have had any woman, or women, he wanted seeing as his grandfather is Elvis.

But by the end of the day, count your blessings and get over feeling sorry for yourself. There's people out there that have it way way worse. Sorry for Lisa's loss, and shaking my head at his mistake. Shouldn't have done that, but he did it, it is what it is. Never a good thing when anyone opts out but from reading the media, this kid had a bright future, his whole life, ahead of him.
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