Resident Evil (2002)



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Title: Resident Evil

Tagline: A secret experiment. A deadly virus. A fatal mistake.

Genre: Horror, Action, Science Fiction

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, Ryan McCluskey, Oscar Pearce, Indra Ové, Anna Bolt, Joseph May, Robert Tannion, Heike Makatsch, Jaymes Butler, Stephen Billington, Fiona Glascott, Colin Salmon, Martin Crewes, Pasquale Aleardi, Liz May Brice, Torsten Jerabek, Marc Logan-Black, James Purefoy, Michaela Dicker, Jason Isaacs

Release: 2002-03-15

Runtime: 100

Plot: When a virus leaks from a top-secret facility, turning all resident researchers into ravenous zombies and their lab animals into mutated hounds from hell, the government sends in an elite military task force to contain the outbreak. Alice and Rain are charged with leading the mission. But they only have three hours before the pathogen becomes airborne and infects the world.



Amazing film series. I just saw the Final Chapter a few days ago. Albert Wesker is my all time favorite Resident Evil villain.


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Jul 4, 2016
I never remember which is which film in the series or how many I've seen (though I assume by now all of them).

But they are best films based on games, except perhaps for first Mortal Kombat, also by Anderson. Not that there's much competition... so many horrible game films (n)

Can't offhand say much about the individual films except that I remember the second being much worse than first.

I've only played RE2 (long ago).
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