Politics In Games


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Mar 7, 2019
United Kingdom
I think there are times when we all like to play a video game to escape reality and just relax. But sometimes, game developers like to add some current events etc. into their games. Call of Duty came under fire from Russians for the way they were depicted in the game. Do you mind certain politicised topics being added to games?


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Jul 4, 2016
When you make a game including war or terrorism in (present/near future) real world, it's pretty impossible not to have political elements in it. And as a form of art/storytelling, games would be lesser if they entirely avoided some subjects.
So I don't mind it, there are quite enough of games that are pure entertainment without such baggage when you're not in mood for anything deeper.
Only question is when political elements are included to something set in entirely alternative reality, a scifi/fantasy world in no way connected to ours; then it should be carefully considered if that improves or hinders the game.
Or on the other hand, if a game is set in real history and it takes extremely biased point of view, it can be troubling even if it is a design necessity (that someone has to be the bad guys).
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