Police get TripAdvisor-style review from an unlikely source


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Jun 27, 2016
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It’s not somewhere that many of us would choose to go, but one occupant has given us a review of the place anyway.

Perry Barr police station’s new cell.
An inmate left a handwritten TripAdvisor review for the new facilities where they admired the neutral decor and welcomed the complementary cup of tea upon arrival.

The offender who spent 16 hours in a cell at the Birmingham police station thought it would be useful to leave some feedback of his overnight stay.

The double-sided note complemented the team on ‘how modern and clean the building looks’, but their optimism was soon deflated when he moved onto the negatives.

The 24-year-old said he was ‘disappointed’ that the Sutton Coldfield police station was no longer there, because he had become accustomed to the layout.

He also complained that cups of tea could have been provided more promptly and was horrified to find a hair on the en-suite toilet.

But to be fair, it wasn’t all that bad.

The lag said he was pleasantly surprised by the ‘neutrally decorated’ cell designed ‘to please all parties but done to a high standard.’

Overall, the prison received a modest three-star rating.

The letter comes from a man who was arrested for criminal damage at a property in Erdington on June 29.

Chief Inspector Paul Minor, who works at the facility, said the rating was unfair and the prison is worthy of a five-star rating.

‘The reviewer has been very complimentary about the facility and staff, but I think he’s been a little harsh by awarding it just a three-star rating,’ he said.



Jul 4, 2016
Would you like a review of a proper Prison Cell ?
Birmingham Prison is a couple of hundred yards up the road from me :)
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