Pete's Dragon (1977)


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Jul 4, 2016
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Title: Pete's Dragon

Tagline: Brazzle Dazzle Brilliance!

Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Family

Director: Don Chaffey

Cast: Sean Marshall, Helen Reddy, Mickey Rooney, Red Buttons, Jim Dale, Peter Ustinov, Shelley Winters, Stefanie Powers, Terry-Thomas, Jane Kean, Jim Backus, Charles Tyner, Gary Morgan, Jeff Conaway, Cal Bartlett, Charlie Callas, Walter Barnes

Release: 1977-11-03

Runtime: 128

Plot: Pete, a young orphan, runs away to a Maine fishing town with his best friend--a lovable, sometimes invisible dragon named Elliott! When they are taken in by a kind lighthouse keeper, Nora (Helen Reddy), and her father (Mickey Rooney), Elliott's prank playing lands them in big trouble. Then, when crooked salesmen try to capture Elliott for their own gain, Pete must attempt a daring rescue.

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