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new short Science Fiction/Possible novel


"Today: Alchemy. Tomorrow: the World!"
Jul 4, 2016
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The ARGO EPIC Mission

"Roger. No, Houston, I want to start an unofficial commissary. With stuff that isn't on the regular commissary list. Think 'black market'. Everything on the regular list is so bland. And in the most efficient packaging ever made. It's been six months already and we need some variety. Think about it, if you were up here until you die, wouldn't you want a real drink and a bite of really sticky candy that wasn't in a vacuum bag once in awhile? And maybe some spices or something for your preformed protein burger? Over."

There was the usual nearly half hour delay, and growing daily, from when I finished my message to when they got it, and responded with the traditional "Roger" which indicated that they heard whatever I said. Then there was an even longer wait while whatever ninny was on the other end composed a message and responded.

It was exactly forty eight minutes and forty three seconds from when I said "in awhile" to when I got their response back with the code indicating it was for me. But what I got back wasn't what I expected.

"Roger T-5. Message received and understood. We'll put those items, and a few specials on the next courier out to you. It's the least we can do. Mission Control out."

The ARGO EPIC Mission Log By
Livia Tremblay Cote
Mission Specialist Biomechanics
Joint Venture Ship: The Argo Epic

I've been trying to decide how to write up my addition to the unofficial, informal, unmandated, and perhaps even uncalled for journal of our mission, as versus the official, and boring, Mission Log, and this is what I came up with. I'll tell you something about me and how I ended up here, and then I'd tell you something about the mission, and then more about myself. And I'll write some when I'm on duty, and dictate some to be transcribed later when I'm not. And then I might go back and change something, or not. And so on. Until I get tired of it. Then I'll take a break and do some more later.

Maybe a lot later. And I might not send parts of it back to Earth until I want to.

And that's how it will go.

If you don't like it, there's several other mission logs like this out there from those of us that were both still alive and coherent enough to do it, not counting the Captain's. Read those. Or even, read his.

Nine of us. Out of ten that launched, what? Three years ago or so. One of us can't do it for one reason or another, and another is, well, to us, he's officially missing. We knew dying was a risk, and he did. But. There it is, and here we are.


A short novel of Science 'Possible' with TWO endings!

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