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Site Issue - Resolved Less Subforums Maybe?

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Jul 4, 2016
I have been an active member and a moderator of many forums for several years already and a rule that all admins agreed to is that a new forum with less forums/categories is best to be able to focus and post quality content (which is the main grabber for new members)

I was randomly checking the music forums and hoaah I found almost all the genre subforums empty and to be honest, they looked bad for me but I know the situation as I has been there before but for new members or those using the forums for just discussions? I guess this may not be a good sign of an active forum.

My suggestion is that you cram as much forums as you can into single forums then create subforums/branches by time as they get demanded.



They way those add on work for those area it becomes very hard to add subforums at a later stage, we would rather let it run for a few month as it is and then possibly remove some of them. (y)


This forum also will start filling those sections pretty quick here as well ;) this community is derived off of one that is closing up :) I am sure if they don't fill up in a few months like @DaveM said then they'll start picking off a few.
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