Judge allows inmate to meet baby son for the first time


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Jun 27, 2016
"Footage from Jefferson County district court room, captured the moment James Roeder was permitted to meet his baby boy.

The 24-year-old is a co-defendant in a burglary case with his wife, Ashley, and has been prohibited from making contact with her.

This meant that he had not met his 30 day old son before.

But in a heart warming moment, Judge Wolf said she was willing to momentarily pause the restriction so he could meet his baby, shortly before his wife Ashley’s hearing was due to start.

Speaking to WDRB, the judge said it suddenly occurred to her that the defendant would not be meeting his baby anytime in the near future.
She can be seen instructing the defendant not to talk about the case before his son his brought forward.

The new mum can be seen handing their son over to her husband, who then cradles him and kisses him several times.

The judge then passes tissues to the couple as everyone in the courtroom tries to compose themselves.

At the conclusion of Ashley’s hearing, the judge said: ‘if you aren’t teared up, then you’re just heartless.’

She told WDRB: ‘It wasn’t really a judge thing. I think it was just more of a human thing.’

The Roeders are alleged to have stolen half a dozen flat screen TVs from a warehouse in February."


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