Hot Dog Ice Cream Is Now A Thing That Exists In The World


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Jun 27, 2016
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If there are two food items that yell summer, it’s the hot dog, and the ice cream cone.

So we’re kind of surprised that it’s taken this long for someone to put the two together and make one delicious peak summer treat.

But finally, someone has. And that someone refers to the people over at Morgenstern’s Famous Ice Cream, – the same people behind Kanye ice cream week and black ice cream – who’ve teamed up with DBGB to create the DBGB Cool Dog.

The Cool Dog looks just like a hot dog drizzled in ketchup and mustard and topped with sauerkraut.
And to be clear, this isn’t one of those deceptive desserts that looks like something savoury but is actually just a load of cake and icing.

The Cool Dog is made up of a sausage infused ice cream – yep, ice cream that tastes like a sausage – sitting inside a brioche bun and topped with spicy honey mustard, raspberry ketchup, and candied pickled cabbage.

Would you try this?
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