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Jul 5, 2016
Just wondering, has anyone else used this meal delivery service? It's a company that delivers fresh meals every week, including only the exact amounts that you need to cook, eliminating leftovers (unless the amount of food you order is more than the amount of mouths you're feeding, of course!) and trips to the grocery store for ingredients you may be missing for that night's meal. I've found that I'm sometimes going to the grocery store every day for one or two little things that I need, so I really like that aspect of Hello Fresh. :D

I've only recently been introduced to the company, via my mom who sent me 6 free boxes to try out the service and see if we like it (2 meals per week). So far, it's been great and the 2 meals we've cooked have been delicious! (Seared steak with caprese orzo salad and the other was Chicken Marsala) I love having every ingredient included in the boxes and not having to worry about going to the grocery store in preparation for that night's dinner. And the meals are healthy, full of flavor, and easy to cook also!

So, anyone else taking advantage of this convenient alternative?


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Jul 25, 2016
Had it for about 6 months, but got fed up with ingredients being packaged wrong and ending up in the box all over the other food, or bread arriving covered in mould. Still have all the recipe cards though.
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