Have You Ever Been Sued?


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Jul 4, 2016
Yes, quite a few times, several years ago.

All were filed by inmates when I was a Correctional Officer/Cook. A couple were against a group of officers, at least one was against me and one or two others, and so on.

Only one of the lawsuits even got to pretrial hearings. In that one, the judge basically said he needed a good laugh so he wanted to hear the inmates lawyer read the motion and charges.

One other went to an arbitrator, who, after hearing the complaint and reading the response I wrote as union shop steward to it representing the officers, and citing everything from in system precedence, state law, the penal code, and so on, he dismissed the suit.

I remember one of the ones I answered the inmates claimed "cruel and unusual" treatment claiming it was unfair that they couldn't get carbonated soft drinks at their meals as that was what they "drank on the street".
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