Guy steals mannequin, gets caught in bed with it


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Jun 27, 2016
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A man who stole a mannequin from a lingerie store has been arrested after he was caught in bed with it.
Christopher Wade, 55, was arrested after officers discovered him in bed with the shop dummy.

The £3,000 mannequin was wearing a pink spandex dress, rhinestone stilettos and a brown bob wing at the time.
Officers were called to Hollywood Hustler in Tennessee to reports of a theft just after midnight.

A worker told police that a drunk man had walked into the store and grabbed the mannequin, knocking off her left arm. He then tossed it into the back of a truck and drove off.

Police traced the man to his home and allegedly found Wade in bed, reportedly snuggled up to his new love interest.

Wade was arrested on charges including theft and remains on a $11,000 (£8,497) bond while the mannequin has been taken to the Metro police department.

My thought: It's not theft if she left with him. :ROFLMAO:

Your thought?
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