Game you are saving for later?


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Jul 4, 2016
Do you have a game you've bought, but are purposely saving for later?
For example something so big that you're leaving it to a vacation or such break when you really have time to get into it.
Something you really want to play, but now's just not the time.

For me it's Okami (PS2). I got my cousin's old PS2 year and half ago and Okami months before that, with intention to test PS2 emulator (didn't run well on my PC).
Aside the dozen random games I got with the PS2, I've bought another dozen more since then (somewhat lucky at flea market).
Originally it was my intention to motivate myself to play the less interesting random games first by leaving this assumed masterpiece last, to be played once I get tired of gaming on that console. But as I bought more and more games, following the same logic has left Okami waiting - not the way tens of other games in my backlog, but in a different kind of limbo, waiting for the right moment when I lose interest to PS2.

Any other examples I've had I have by now played; all else I've bought - among pirated ones, there may be some JRPGs waiting that I get on with Dragon Warrior VII... - are just in backlog waiting for me to have time and enthusiasm.
But sometimes it's been a case that if I've gotten a collection or otherwise several games of a series, I might take (even year long) breaks between the games, even if I was eager to play them.
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