France: Man struck with ax after offering charity to muslim couple


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Jul 4, 2016
That will teach you!

A bleeding heart leftist runs a soup kitchen, handing out free meals, clothing, and other assistance to the poor, namely migrants from Islamic countries. However, as soon as he decided to offer a simple gift to a Muslim couple, they showed him that the item was offensive enough to butcher him alive.

The director of a charity in Montreuil, France was critically injured and is lucky to be alive after his “Islamophobic” action summoned the wrath of a Muslim husband and wife.

At around 7:20 a.m., the couple entered Les Restaurants du Coeur, more familiarly known as Restos du Coeur, for the gracious welfare the charity provides. In what should very well be considered an act of jihad or, in the least, a hate crime, the couple shunned the free meals served by the non-Muslim crew, carrying out a violent attack on the director.

Le Parisien reports that the unidentified couple, described as being of African origin, immediately attacked the Richard Sautour, swinging an ax at his body while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Miraculously, the 59-year-old managed to dodge the swipes but wasn’t as fortunate when the wife joined her ax-wielding husband in the attack.

While referring to their victim as “infidel dog,” the veiled woman brandished a knife and dealt “several stab wounds” to the Sautour’s stomach.

Although it’s unclear just how serious his injuries are, the victim has been reported to be stabilized, according to the Mirror. Unfortunately, the couple is on the run and police are searching for the dangerous offenders, hoping to nab them before they either flee the country or assault someone else.

Of course, the police are leaning towards ruling out terrorism as a motive because apparently using the same terror tactics as those convicted of Islamic terrorism isn’t proof enough. According to similar cases, the suspects had to have pledged allegiance to an Islamic terrorist group, regardless of their allegiance to Allah’s violent commands of jihad.
Leftist Butchered Alive After 'Offensive' Item He Offered Muslim Migrant Couple
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