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I have trolled before on a forum was quite mean and also quite a long time ago. I have also been "trolled" aka scammed by someone that I thought was trustworthy.


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Jul 11, 2016
one forum i was a long time member of had a chat room which was on one of those free chatroom sites which meant any one could wander into 'your' three of us was chatting away when a total stranger appeared and started asking questions to us all........the other two managed to convince this guy i was a woman!!........with a screen name lime beowulf??????? lol..........i just played along for a laugh cos these guys can be so annoying........they started telling this guy if he asked me nicely i would go in a 'private room' for him he really started to chat me up til i 'gave in' and opened a new room...............he goes on cam......normal looking guy.........i switch my cam on........40-something year old guy.....5 days worth of stubble........holding a sign saying 'pwned!' giving him the finger!

never seen any one hit the off button so quick....bwahahaha

we had a real female member who would lead guys on until the crucial moment and then say 'you do realise im a trucker called Dave, dont you?'


Have you ever trolled or been trolled?

I know I have trolled against staff and other members on a bad day. My reasons are that I was depressed and pissed off at the world and I wanted someone to feel like shit just like I did.

When I got banned. It gave me time to think about how I behaved and that it wasn't a prudent decision. For that I apologize to this forum and other forums that I antagonized.
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