Five dead in shootings at hotel and courthouse


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Jun 27, 2016
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At least three people have died during a shooting at a Michigan courthouse.

Several people, including a police officer, have also been injured as a gunman opened fire outside a courthouse.

Two sheriff’s deputies were shot and killed at a courthouse in St. Joseph in southwest Michigan, and the suspect in the shooting was also killed, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey told reporters at a news conference.

Buildings in the area were put on lockdown after the shooting, according to media reports.

Meanwhile, authorities say a man suspected of fatally shooting two women has been killed during a standoff with police at a suburban hotel in Detroit, also in the state of Michigan.

The standoff at a Romulus hotel lasted for hours ended with Pablo Medina dead.

Police say he was shot after coming out of a storage closet and pointing a gun at officers.

Romulus police say Medina worked at the hotel but had been fired.

They say he appeared to be living in the closet.

Detroit police say one of the women was sitting in a car, a block from the first shooting, and was killed as she tried to drive away early Saturday.

Police say Medina was the estranged husband of one of the victims.



Everyone will mourn for the victims, no one will care about the death of a gun totting jerkoff.
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