Family accept payout after son burst into flames from police Taser


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Jun 27, 2016
"A family whose son was engulfed in flames after being Tasered have accepted a payout from police.

Kelvin and Jean Pimlott accepted the five-figure out-of-court settlement from Devon and Cornwall Police following the death of their son Andrew in April 2013.

Police fired a Taser at him after he had doused himself in petrol, igniting a fireball. He died a week later from his injuries.

An inquest jury found that the Taser was the most likely source of ignition.

They have spoken out about the death of former Aston Villa footballer Dailan Atkinson.

Kelvin, from Plymouth, Devon, said: ‘Time and time again, Tasers are proving to be lethal as we saw by the death of Dalian Atkinson just a few days ago.

‘They clearly require much more stringent regulation and training to prevent further unnecessary deaths.’

The family have always maintained police failed to try to engage with their son upon arrival and that the officers failed to properly assess the risk of discharging the Taser.

They cited guidelines that officers should expect a Taser to have the same effect as a lit match.

In addition to the five figure sum, Mr and Mrs Pimlott will receive ongoing counselling as part of the settlement after both being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Kelvin added: ‘We are relieved to have reached the end of this process but it hasn’t changed our view that the use of Tasers needs to be very carefully restricted, especially where there are flammable substances.

‘My boy was unarmed and posed no threat to anyone. He poured petrol over himself to get attention. He was deeply frustrated and needed help. He didn’t want to die.

‘If the police had used any other method then my son would still be alive today. We are certain that a Taser should never have been used with Andrew, where he was known to be covered in fuel but was not posing a threat.’"




Jul 4, 2016
I think their use should be suspended until there are better guide lines and better training.
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