Doctor left penniless after being tricked out of £168,000


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Jun 27, 2016
"A doctor revealed how she was duped out of her life savings by a serial con man she met on dating site Plenty of Fish.
Liz Todd, 31, met a charming barrister online who swept her off her feet, but after six months of romance the man had financially drained the doctor of £168,000.

It was later discovered that Christopher Heayns had a staggering 133 previous convictions for fraud, and a string of jail sentences, reports Mail Online.

Liz only knew the man as Christopher Smith, who had actually taken on 17 different aliases during his criminal career.

He was jailed for nine-and-a-half years earlier this month.

Now Liz has spoken out about her horrific ordeal that left her life in tatters.

She said: ‘The thought that I was once in love with him — or the person I thought he was — makes me feel physically sick.

‘I feel violated for having had those feelings. Facing him in court was the most humiliating experience of my life. I felt everyone was judging me, wondering how on earth I could have got myself into this situation.’

After only a few months of dating, Heayns asked Liz to help him secure a £2,500-a-month flat in a manor house in Hexham, Northumberland.

‘I did think it was too soon for financial ties, but Christopher constantly reassured me he had the funds and at that stage he wasn’t asking for money,’ she added.

The sly man never directly asked Liz for money, he simply raised concern about his cash flow and the thousands she spent soon mounted up.

Contractors were brought in to renovate the home, and by the time the couple had moved in Liz had already spent £50,000.

But it was after the couple returned from a shopping trip to Edinburgh, she received a text from a builder working on Heayns’ home with a link to a newspaper article from 2008.

While on a train, she clicked on it and saw the headline ‘Conman Jailed’ next to a picture of her boyfriend.

‘I looked up to where he was sitting across from me on the train and thought, “I don’t know who you are?”

Despite Heayns pleading with her, Liz finally went to the police who revealed his string of convictions.

Heayns pleaded not guilty to four counts of fraud and seven offences under the Insolvency Act but was convicted.

The doctor admitted she will be living on the breadline for the foreseeable future."

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She looks really pretty. Love can be far more valuable than the dollar itself. Greed has it's limits.


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Jul 4, 2016
When you let your emotions do the driving in your life, expect to ultimately end up in a ditch with nothing to show for it. When someone comes off as perfect, that should be a red flag because there is no such thing as a perfect person who is everything you want and nothing you don't want unless they are trying to con you out of something.

It's not to say don't have emotions but make sure they stay in the passenger seat as that is where they belong.
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