Dirty Grandpa (2016)



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Title: Dirty Grandpa

Tagline: This is Jason. He's a little worried about his grandpa.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Director: Dan Mazer

Cast: Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, Julianne Hough, Aubrey Plaza, Dermot Mulroney, Zoey Deutch, Adam Pally, Mo Collins, Henry Zebrowski, Danny Glover, Jason Mantzoukas, Brandon Smith, Michael Hudson, Jake Picking, Deena Dill, Lane Carlock, Eugenia Kuzmina, Joshua Mikel, Warren Steele, Catherine Dyer, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Amy Parrish, Nelson Bonilla, Eric Goins, Gavin Munn, Michael H. Cole, Blaque Fowler, Chandler Darby, Matthew Cornwell, Christopher Setticase, DeRon Horton, Sallye Hooks, Stephanie Astalos-Jones, Shawn Shepard, Michaele Chappell, Wiley Rinaldi, Amelia Brain, Paul Manzella, Sean Apuzzo, Deanne Black, Johnathan Blake, Bradley Bowen, Glenn D. Bridges, Nicole Broadway, Shaylin Janelle Broady, Lance Brock, Anthony Bryant, Teo Ciltia, Andrew Cunningham, Alyssa D'Addieco, Ruth Dalton, Maria Diavolitsis, Payson Durant, Heath Estep, Shaun Forker, Frank Francisco, Rachel Freidt, Toni Ann Gambale, Maggie Harrison, James Harvley, Rory Healy, Walter Hendrix III, Vin Hill, Anniston Howell, Jon M. Hudson, Carter Ian, Zuri James, Andrew R. Kaplan, John Archer Lundgren, Jennifer Lynn, Ashley D. Merritt, Bill Moylan, Brian Neal, Daniel Nickels, Natalia Nova, Darla Pelton-Perez, Richard Pis, Quentin Plair, Zach Prengler, Chris Russell, Heather Schell, Reuben Shaw, Mark Smith, Jordan Verroi, Joe Warshaw, William Willet, Boriana Williams, Richard Williams, Tiree Worley, Jessica Yoshimura

Release: 2016-01-21

Runtime: 102

Plot: Jason Kelly is one week away from marrying his boss's uber-controlling daughter, putting him on the fast track for a partnership at the law firm. However, when the straight-laced Jason is tricked into driving his foul-mouthed grandfather, Dick, to Daytona for spring break, his pending nuptials are suddenly in jeopardy. Between riotous frat parties, bar fights, and an epic night of karaoke, Dick is on a quest to live his life to the fullest and bring Jason along for the ride.



I always said I would watch this movie and I still haven't, my brother did tell me it was good but not to get my hopes up because it wasn't the greatest. I will one day get around to watching it :)
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