Burning meteorite crashes into garden in Yorkshire


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Jun 27, 2016
"A man in Yorkshire reckons a meteorite from the Perseid meteor shower has crashed into his back garden.
David Stevenson took pictures of the glowing rock that was hot enough for him to light his cigarette.

He was in his garden in Leeds when it landed, he claims, but didn’t investigate until the next morning.

He said it had left a smouldering patch on the ground and was still hot.

Because it’s magnetic he thinks it may have come from space.

The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday, 48 hours before the Perseid meteor shower reached its peak.

He said: ‘It genuinely looked like something had landed from the sky.

‘I was having a cigarette with a mate outside and we thought we could smell a bonfire burning.

‘It was really smoky and we noticed, in the corner of the garden, a glowing patch.

‘At first we thought it must be a wind up and that someone had thrown something over the fence – but it genuinely looked like something had landed from the sky and crumbled.

‘The next morning it was still glowing. Everything in a metre radius was all white and I thought, that’s been really hot.

‘That’s when I found the rock.’

He has been in touch with the Natural History Museum in London and hopes the rock can be tested to confirm its identity.

The museum’s identification and advisory service team is currently dealing with the inquiry.

He added: ‘I was amazed at how something like this could happen. There’s no reason for it – the fact that it kept burning for so long.

‘I was quite worried about how far it would burn as everything was quite dry but it became apparent that the metre radius was as far as it was going to go.’

Mr Stevenson added: ‘I’ve sent off pictures to the Natural History Museum.
‘They get a lot of people who believe they’ve found rocks of this kind so there are a few hoops to go through before they want to see the rock itself.

‘But the circumstances around how it appeared in the garden are so strange – it has to be something different.’

Material from meteorites can be worth up to $300 per gram."


What do you think it is?


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Jul 4, 2016
It was reported that a meteor the size of the one that hit Russia a few years back nearly hit us a few days ago. Perhaps this is a piece of that meteor that broke off of that rock that was big enough that it didn't entirely burn up when it went through our atmosphere?
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