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"BLM man shoots at cop's house"


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Jul 4, 2016
INDIANAPOLIS -- A man was taken into custody on suspicion of shooting at an IMPD officer's house and his patrol car on the near east side around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

The officer was at home and awake, his wife and 10-year-old son were asleep at the time. No one was hurt.

Investigators found 17 shell casings at the scene. There were three bullet holes in the police car and five in the house.

"We can't tolerate this. This officer represents this city. And our city was attacked and his family was attacked as a result," said IMPD Chief Troy Riggs during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses told officers they saw a black man driving a tan, mid-2000s Chevy Cobalt and who had parked the car a few houses east of the house. They said they saw the suspect get out of the car, yell "F--- the police," and shoot at the house and police car.

One witness also said they saw somebody matching the suspect's description walking around the officer's house last Friday. They said the person was wearing a white T-shirt with "Black Lives Matter" on it.
IMPD officer's house shot at, man in custody




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Jul 4, 2016
Central Florida
I bet the press is still looking for that Tea Party member hoping it could be one them that did this over the years of crazy leftist shootings.
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