Baby bitten by monster rat as plague of rodents hit ‘neglected’ rental home


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Jun 27, 2016
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A baby was viciously bitten by a monster rat in a severely ‘neglected’ privately-rented house in Aldershot.

The infant screamed as the huge animal gnawed its teeth into the baby’s skin.

The horrified parents, who don’t wish to be named, had to rush their child to their GP to check whether the rat had passed on any deadly germs.

Super rats carry bugs which can be passed to humans, including Weil’s disease, which can lead to jaundice and kidney failure.

Now, the furious parents have blamed their landlord for their property’s appalling conditions and have complained to Rushmoor Borough Council.

Cllr David Clifford, leader of the council, said he is ‘declaring war on slum landlords’ after the distressed family detailed the horrific housing conditions in Aldershot.

The landlord has been ordered to carry out urgent repairs and improvements on the property and remove the ‘plague’ of rats in their property.

The spread of super rats have increased over the years because many of them have gradually built up resistance to shop-bought remedies.

Pest control experts have warned that Britain will see a horrifying 200 million rats swarming through towns and cities and across the countryside this summer.



who owns the rental...should be sued....or made to live in their own rental....with the rats
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