Armed police will have to watch over tourists on beaches in Europe


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Jun 27, 2016
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Officers and soldiers with weapons training will guard tourists in at holiday sites, including beaches in France.

British holidaymakers visiting the country will see increased security at festivals, fairs and beaches, as well as stations and airports.

New rules banning backpacks on some beaches have also been introduced, according to The Times.

Cannes council announced on Wednesday that the rucksacks and other large non-transparent bags that could hide bombs would be banned from beaches.

Offenders could be fined or ordered to leave the beach.

The increase in security measures comes after a series of terror attacks in the country, including the murder of a priest in his church on Tuesday.

Around 17 million British nationals visit France every year. The Foreign Office’s travel advice warns that there is ‘a high threat from terrorism’ and also said that the French government had reinforced its security measures.

These include a free smartphone app launched by the French government to warn people of possible security incidents, including all major natural, technological and terror-related risks.

The app is called SAIP, is available in English and French, and is available free in the Apple app store on Google Play.

What an extremely depressing sign of the times we live in now. :(


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Jul 4, 2016
I would just stay home and not bother because nothing says relaxing as a day at the beach surrounded by armed guards who won't let you take a bag out with your beach related stuff because there might be a bomb in it.
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