Arctic winds to bring FROST to UK


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Jun 27, 2016
"We might be in the middle of summer, but that’s not going to stop the weather from being unpredictable as ever.

The Met Office has warned that it’s going to be so cold for some parts of the UK that there will be grass frost overnight.

Yes, grass frost. Some forecasters had also predicted snow, but that is very unlikely.

The cold weather is coming from the north west of the British Isles meaning that it’s going to be quite cold.

The Met Office suggests wearing an extra layer of clothing for people in sheltered rural areas.
After the cold weather, things will pick up again as temperatures head back to the 20-23C range, which is slightly below the average.

A few showers are expected in the northern and western fringes this evening and it will be breezy in most places.

The weather will stay the same until Thursday when temperatures are expected to pick up.

A heatwave is predicted from there on, with highs of 28C forecast for the weekend.

The high temperatures will stick around for two weeks."



Hurray, finally I'll be able to sleep without dripping with sweat.

Oh wait, my part of the country is staying hot. Damn.
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