Apple Could Soon Stop People Taking Videos On Iphones At Gigs


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Jun 27, 2016
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Apple has now found a way to prevent disruptive people from taking pictures or filming at the cinema and live venues.

A patent for this new invention has been granted by the tech giant in a bid to crack down on piracy and leaking information at private functions, reports Trusted Reviews.

But how does it work?

An infrared emitter will be placed in areas where photography is prohibited.

This will send an encoded signal to the iPhone.

The device will then decode the data triggering a camera-blocking command.

Don’t worry, the signal won’t prevent you from making phone calls or sending texts, and a push notification will be sent to your phone to inform you that the camera feature has been temporarily disabled.

But these clever infrared signals won’t be limited to blocking your attempts at recording, it could also be used for a whole host of things.

For instance, if you’re at a museum, the signal could tell you information about an artifact you’re looking at.

This is still only a patent, however, so the technology may not be rolled out for a while.

Is this a good idea? (Why/Why Not)


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Jul 4, 2016
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Is it really what it says on the tin though? Is it Apple patenting it so no one else can and abuse it by actually implementing it? Not everything companies patent actually make their way into their products.

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Jul 4, 2016
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It'd have its uses. Telling people they can't take pictures isn't exactly 100% successful.

The museum thing sounds intriguing though. That'd better be some sort of open standard so other companies can also use it and museums aren't left with dozens of different signal-emitting devices for different phones.
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