Anger as dogs are made to race on hottest day of the year


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Jun 27, 2016
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Greyhound races held on the hottest day of the year have sparked anger among campaigners who say they should not have been staged.

Dozens of races took place at dog tracks up and down the country yesterday with temperatures reaching near 34C.

The RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports and Greyt Exploitations have condemned the decision to stage meets.

Greyhounds predominately lose heat through panting, however this method becomes less efficient in hot or humid conditions. If a dog’s body temperature reaches 41C it can lead to heatstroke and in extreme cases blindness or a coma..

Advice provided by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) labels travelling with an animal in hot conditions as high risk.

Laura Slade, a Greyhound welfare campaigner said: ‘If you were wearing a fur coat and could only sweat though your tongue, hand & feet would you want to be sprinting around a track in 88F heat..’

The RSPCA said it had contacted the GBGB to share its concerns.

A spokesman said: ‘Other countries which race greyhounds have in place hot weather policies and it is our expectation that the same approach should apply to both independent tracks in this country and those regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain.

‘The RSPCA will be contacting the industry making a strong recommendation that a hot weather policy is put in place to safeguard greyhound welfare.’

Thoughts about letting them race in that heat?


would you want to race on a really hot day? have a animal does is made to do what its master wants it to do...and when the animal refuses or turns on the master....then its life is taken..
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