Air rage victim couldn’t have sex after being bitten by passenger


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Jun 27, 2016
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Joshua McCarthy bit Chris McNerlin who was helping staff to restrain him when he became aggressive after drinking five small bottles of wine. That bite lasted for two minutes.

Mr McNerlin said he had been left unable to have sex with his girlfriend over fears he may have been infected.

McCarthy, who was with his parents at the time, ‘lost it’ 90 minutes before the flight from Dubai landed at Heathrow.

He spat on the passenger in front of him and called a member of the cabin crew a ‘f**king red-haired Nazi bitch’.

Prosecutor Douglas Adams said: ‘The flight was full of families and young children returning from the Easter holidays in Dubai.

‘The defendant was sat next to his parents. With around 90 minutes of the flight remaining, the crew were bringing around breakfast boxes and that sort of thing.

‘A short time later the passenger in the seat in front said he felt uneasy when McCarthy started waving his hands at a young black woman waiting by the toilet with her baby.

‘He wasn’t sure whether they knew each other or not, but he says he ignored what was going on.’

McCarthy was knocking the man’s seat so he turned round to look at him. When he sat back down he felt him spit on his hair.

He asked ‘What are you doing?’ and McCarthy told him to ‘f**king sit down and shut up’.

A member of the cabin crew then urged him to sit down but was called a ‘f**king red-haired Nazi bitch’, before Mr McNerlin intervened and received a bite to the arm.

In a victim impact statement to the court, Mr McNerlin said he had ‘received an incredibly vicious bite’.
He said: ‘Despite wearing a jumper, it broke my skin. Since the bite, the anxiety has been unbearable.

‘It had been difficult to be intimate with my girlfriend because it has taken a month to make sure I am clear of infection.’

Sentencing Judge Sandeep Kainth told McCarthy: ‘Your behaviour with respect to what took place was absolutely disgraceful.

‘The bite lasted for two minutes, which is quite substantial. With regard to the spitting, that is outrageously disgusting.’

McCarthy was spared jail and given a suspended sentence instead.

McCarthy was given two months for spitting, nine months for being drunk on an aircraft and four months for assaulting Christopher McNerlin.

Thoughts about him being spared jail?


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Jul 11, 2016
now if i was helping to restrain an aggressive person, and that person bit me......even for a second, let alone two minutes....that person would be unconcious cos i would punch him with the free hand til he let go!!
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