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A video game didn't live up to the hype


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Jul 4, 2016
Fallout 76
I strongly agree. Not only did it get bad reviews. No one wanted a Multi player version of Fallout 4. If Fallout 76 had been a single player game with some back story with NPC's, less settlements and a better improved workshop. Than the game would have been a huge hit.

But it's not. It's trash. Bethesda tried to force this game on players with the belief that the majority wouldn't have a choice but to like it. But that didn't happen. Instead a lot of people aren't buying and are still waiting for Fallout 5 and yes, we were hoping we'd get it on this generation console, PS4 and XBONE.

But everyone's biggest disappointment is that we more than likely won't see Fallout 5 or The Elder Scrolls 6 until after the release of the next Sony and Microsoft console systems. Bethesda has all but left the majority of us empty handed, still playing Fallout 4 and the very out of date Skyrim with mods.

Which brings me to Creation Club. Bethesda hasn't even addressed the 0KB bug that is both affecting PS4 and XBONE players who install CC on their Fallout 4 game. Instead they waste their efforts on Fallout 76, a game no one wanted and 76 is taking away from the quality of Creation Club glitches for Fallout 4.

Because of Bethesda's bad habits with glitches, most of their games have to be fixed and improved on with mods such as the Unofficial Patch. I've just accepted the fact that when they release a games like Fallout 4 from 2015 and Skyrim from 2011, we're going to be playing these out dated games for a whole other decade before they get off their butts and make another one.

I really wish Bethesda was a little bit like Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and would release sequels more frequently. But that's just wishing in one hand and shitting in the other.
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